Thank you for your donation! The funds directly go to the care and feeding of the animals in our Wildlife Sanctuary.


Wildlife Sanctuary Costs:

The Wildlife Sanctuary at The Children's Museum houses over 120 individual animals spanning 80 species. All of the animals at The Children's Museum were either abandoned, confiscated illegal pets, accidental tourists and injured or orphaned wildlife. One of our main missions as a sanctuary is to serve as a forever home to those animals that would have otherwise been cast aside or forgotten. A growing number of our resident animals are un-releasable native wildlife that have been rescued by wildlife rehabilitators and nature centers both locally and all around the country. Since these animals often have severe injuries, they often require more care and attention. It costs over $400 a year for veterinary care for Seneca, the coyote, $200 a month to feed the opossum, and $30 for our weekly shipment of 1000 crickets for our lizards, turtles, and more. It is from continued support from people like you that allows us to provide quality care to all the animals that have made the Wildlife Sanctuary their home. Thank you!