CT Summer at the Museum 2022

Sold Out!

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Thursday August 11

Selected time:

12:00 PM  –  2:00 PM

This is the last day at 950 Trout Brook Drive. Visit us in October at 180 Mohegan Drive West Hartford CT. 




Connecticut children age 18 and under plus one accompanying Connecticut resident adult can visit participating museums free of charge through the Connecticut Summer at the Museum program.


ONE ACCOMPANYING ADULT MEANS ONE FREE ADULT PER VISITING FAMILY. Free tickets are limited, your cooperation will make this program a success and will give more families the opportunity to visit the museum this summer. 



1. Create an Account and Sign in at the top of the page. If you don't sign in with a Connecticut address you will not receive free admission. 

2. Select your entry time above.

3. Read the program facts thoroughly. 

4. Reserve your tickets below. - Please only reserve tickets for yourself and any children ages 2-18. Free Toddler tickets will be issued at the front desk. Free admission through the state program is limited. Free Toddler general admission tickets have no limit to capacity.

5. Do not enter your credit card, unless you are donating. 


Connecticut Summer at the Museum 2022 - Free Admission for Kids

Monday - Saturday

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM



1. Free tickets can be reserved one day in advance.

2. FREE CT Adult tickets are limited to ONE (1) free ticket PER VISITING FAMILY PER DAY.  

3. Connecticut residents with a valid state address will receive FREE admission from JULY 1 - SEPT 5, 2022. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A VALID CT STATE ADDRESS WHEN YOU CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR ADMISSION.

4. Additional adult tickets will be purchased in person upon check-in at the museum. General Admission is not limited to capacity. We guarantee all additional adults will be admitted with a paid ticket.

5. This ticket is to be redeemed on the date on your ticket. Tickets CAN NOT be rescheduled. There will be NO exceptions.

6. DO NOT ENTER YOUR CREDIT CARD. We do not verify information with your credit card like some organizations.

If you are asked for your credit card you have either

-forgot to create an account or sign in. Solution: Create an account or sign in at the top of the screen.

-have too many adults selected. Solution: Remove the adults from your cart, and limit your free adult quantity to 1.

-created your account with an out-of-state address. Solution: Call us to update your address.

-you are donating! In this case and only this case, please give us your information. Thank you, we appreciate your support!


Even though the animals want to see you, if you or a member of your party is feeling sick or has a fever please stay home! 


While selecting tickets below, LIMIT FREE ADULT TO ONE (1) TICKET PER HOUSEHOLD PER DAY. Additional adult tickets will be purchased in person upon arrival.

***If you reserve two free adults on two different transactions for the same day the second Free Adult will be canceled. Free Child tickets will not be canceled if you arrive within the first hour of your arrival window.



Additional notes:

  • $15 ticket price on the Free Adult and Child tickets WILL be seen on this page.


  • If you are signed in, Connecticut residents will receive free admission on the next screen.


  • After selecting tickets, click Add to cart.


DO NOT ENTER YOUR CREDIT CARD UNLESS YOU ARE MAKING A DONATION. WE WILL NOT BE ISSUING REFUNDS. If you are not making a donation and are asked for a credit card you are either not signed in, have too many adults selected, or do not have a Connecticut address.